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2007-01-03: World Building
by Emily

Christoph Boeckle has been playing In a Wicked Age with the aid of a swanky online world creation tool that he just sent my way:

He suggested this might be useful for Sign in Stranger, and he's so right. Here's my 75% ice planet:

I can imagine setting a colony right on the northern bay of the central sea. The generator has different color settings, to generate "martian" type planet scapes and Mordor-like chthonian ones.

Now my appetite is whetted. I'd love to see close up topography. Have to get out the good old ArcGIS.

2007-01-03 18:30:12 Emily

Here is the link to Chris' write up of the IaWA game:

2007-01-03 21:15:27 Ben Lehman

Well, I just spent an hour playing with this.

2007-01-04 14:38:07 NinJ

Yeah, no shit. Good inspiration. I think I have to recommend this as a Shock: toy, too.

2007-01-04 22:37:28 Christoph


Glad you all find it fun!

I haven't actually used it for IaWA, it was more a "hey, I just played a PnP RPG with a random situation generator" -> "hey, this is a cool random planet generator" -> "hey, Emily is writing a sci-fi game where you visit lots of worlds" -> message sent.

Now, if somebody with programming skills could add real mountains (those with the snow on top) and rivers...

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