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2006-09-13: Miss Schiffer's School for Young Ladies of Quality
by Meguey

is DONE! Updates here as there are any.

2006-09-15 15:04:19 Emily


Where will it be posted? What was it like doing it as part of a contest?

2006-09-15 18:07:45 Meguey

Thanks, I'll post it here eventually, and OMG, it sucked!

I had/have a ton of stuff going on this month, getting the boys back to school, working with/for MotherWoman, dealing w/church year start-up, etc.

And then BOOM! The idea for my sheet hit, and so I grumbled my way through that. Then I felt like submitting a sheet and not making a game was a cop-out. I'm profoundly glad the sheet I got was one I'd been interested in, and the idea for the game was *right* *there*, not an hour after getting the sheet.

I spent a lot of time surfing old ephemera sites for the art style (which is not in the current playtest doc.) The whole visual design for the book is done in my head.

Writing was a combination of bursts while Vincent did kid duty, and carrying a clipboard around and jotting down everything I thought of all day, then getting up after the kids were asleep and trying to remember what it was we'd talked about.

There's so much mor eto do on it, but the structure is solid and playable, so we'll see what happens.

2006-10-07 19:10:45 Eva

It made me so wildly happy that you finished it. ^_^

2006-10-10 13:11:52 Meguey

Thanks, Eva! I'll post it here when I get back to my regular computer. Should be in a day or two.

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