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2006-08-22: Finding our games
by Meguey

1001 Nights is for sale through my game company, Night Sky Games.

Breaking the Ice and Shooting the Moon are for sale through Emily's game company, Black and Green Games.

2006-08-22 01:16:11 Meguey

At least, I expect Shooting the Moon to show up on B&GG any day now, right Em?

2006-08-22 10:21:48 Ricardo Madeira

Yeah, Emily, I'm waiting up on B&GG too. :)

The international S&H costs at IPR are just murderous, so there's nothing like buying direct from the source.

2006-08-22 15:39:14 Emily

Yup, any day. Thanks.

2006-08-24 20:35:12 ScottM

Are you also selling through IPR? Do you know if Mechaton will be there?  Or are you only doing direct sales of these games?

2006-08-25 01:16:50 Meguey

You can buy Emily's games through IPR, or e-mail her directly. Breaking the Ice is currently availble, and Shooting the Moon will be soon.

Mechaton will be available through IPR, with a PDF available directly from Vincent over at anyway.

1001 Nights will not be available through IPR in the forseeable future. I do plan on having a PDF available soon. I like walking to the PO and chatting with Grechen and Dave, my friendly PO workers.

2006-08-29 16:15:52 Emily Care

Shooting the Moon is now available via IPR here.

yay! Thanks, Brennan.

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