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2006-03-16: Indie Games Explosion at GenCon06
by Emily

Over at the Forge, Kat Miller has posted info about getting together indie games to be run formally & on a pick-up basis at GenCon.

IGE at GenCon06

What I need from IGE Volunteers..

The Indie Games Explosion at Dreamation was a blast to run & play.  It was the sweetest thing possible to have a room full of games going on and be able to look from one table where the Burning Wheel Viking Wedding was going on, to another where PtA was going strong, to another where With Great Power was happening. Judd put together a page of links to actual play & other posts about it.

Now, GenCon is a whole 'nother kettle of fish, but still, it's a great complement to the selling of the indie games to have a strong venue for folks who wouldn't catch them in the after-hours hanging out time.

Thank you, Kat!

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