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2005-12-17: The suck of having an idea, part two
by Meguey

It's that eventually you have to do something with it, of course.

A few weeks before Tovey was born, my cohorts (which, by the way, is a great word and perfectly conveys what they were that night) somehow wheedled the conversation around to 1001 Nights. Don't let 'em tell you different.

We hashed through the whole thing, starting with my vision for the game, my subtext, my secret hidden sub-subtext, design goals, resource economics, resolution, etc. etc. We even did some spot-check playtesting. Emily even took pages of notes. Suddenly it was 2 AM, and it may have just been the lateness of the hour, but the general consensus was that there was a there there.

So now I guess I'm suckered into writing it. Don't blame me if it's a mess. And you can bet I'll use Tovey as a solid reason why it'll take me ages to write the thing.

2005-12-17 04:18:40 Matt Snyder

Nurture that baby!



Seriously, sounds good.

2005-12-17 06:10:25 Judd

Good luck.

That's a scary time, when people you trust let you know you have a good idea and then comes the quiet time alone to get the thing out.

Um...birth it.

I guess you know exactly how scary that can be.


Now I feel like a schmuck.

2005-12-17 08:54:28 Mo

Yay Meg! You go!

And congrats on the little. He's darling. :)

2005-12-18 02:11:07 Mark W

Take your time. But don't let it get away from you.

Says the guy who hasn't looked at the 31 pages of notes he poured out in 2 days last month since then.

2005-12-19 06:27:14 Ninja Monkey J

I'm not as easy as Mark.

As soon as you have an hour, write it down. I bet you can get it in playtesting form in a couple of such sessions.

Let me know if there's something I can do to help. It's a game with great potential.

Banzai! Forza!

2005-12-19 20:02:12 Emily

There is some great there, there!  Can't wait to play it more.

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