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2005-12-09: Three cheers!
by Emily

For Tovey Lynn Baker!!!

Congratulations, Meg, Vincent, Sebastian and Elliot. : )

2005-12-10 04:34:50 Matt Snyder


2005-12-10 11:03:52 Matt Schlotte

This is wonderous news and now I know Maddox will have someone to play with whenever we visit. Of course 7 months old are kind of boring to watch play with each other. Say two summers from now they will be hilariously adorable.

Thanks for keeping us informed Em. Send our love.

2005-12-13 20:01:05 Matt Schlotte

We had to wait for Vince to post pictures? Emily you are slacking on your aunty duties being the person with way more time then the exhausted parents. Shame on you.

Why is it that a mechanic has never been made for RPG purposes about familial guilt?

2005-12-14 02:09:55 Emily

Doh! Emily rolls a critical failure in the labor support role!

Thankfully, the Bakers were gifted by the masterful technical abilities of Tovey's camera-toting godmother Melanie!

And thus, the events were immortalized...

(my job was actually to hang out with Sebastian & Elliot, we had fun watching Pooh's Heffalump Adventure. :)

2005-12-14 02:18:19 Meguey

I think that was more of a see-and-raise situation than critical failure ;)

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