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2010-12-20: Three Quick Games for Epimas
by Emily


In honor of the holiday cheer of Epimas, I'm offering a special deal on my Three Quick Games about the Human Heart.

If you've bought one of the Epimas bundles for a friend, you can get pdfs of all three of the romance themed games: Breaking the Ice, Shooting the Moon and Under my Skin for $3.33. A set of them will also be sent to your Epimas giftee on Dec 24.

Find the link for this special sale here in the comments. It will be removed after Epimas.

Here's hoping you have a cozy holiday indeed!

2010-12-26 02:36:40 Emily

The link for the Mistletoe Bundle has been removed. Thanks to everyone who participated in the Epimas gift-giving. And I hope everyone had a wonderful Epimas and holidays this season!

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