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2010-12-13: Twelve Games of Epimas
by Emily

Happy Holidays! It's Epimas season again. Twelve game designer elves have put their heads together and crafted a way for gamers to give each other holiday cheer.

Happy Epimas!!

Here are the games:

1,001 Nights


Apocalypse World

Bliss Stage


Dogs in the Vineyard

Dread House

Mist-Robed Gate

My Life with Master

Shock: (with Human Contact Preview)

Steal Away Jordan

Time & Temp

Get a stocking stuffer of three games, or put a bow on six, or get the whole shebang. A copy of all the pdfs go to you, and then on Epimas (December 24th) a copy of the games will go to a friend of your choice.

Wishing you fun & delight!

2010-12-16 13:25:12 Meguey

This is super-cool. Thanks to Eppy for a great new holiday tradition!

2010-12-16 16:03:43 Emily

Ep, posted the words to the 12 Days of christmas a la Epimas, and I do love singing "1001 Nights" in the loving tones of "5 golden rings". :)

2010-12-17 02:29:59 Meguey

Ooo! Where did he post that?

2010-12-17 15:55:56 Emily

Over at

Story Games. And here it is, too:

On the twelfth day of Epimas, my true love gave to me . . .

Twelve futures shock:ing,

Eleven monsters haunting,

Ten sheets for stabbing,

Nine slaves rebeling,

Eight temps time traveling,

Seven worlds apocalypsing,

Six minions laboring,

1,001 Nights,

Four retired spies,

Three vampire victims,

Two giant robots,

And a dog in the vineyard!

2010-12-23 19:25:59 Meguey

Heehee :)

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