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2005-12-03: My new favorite thread
by Emily

Game Theory in Three Sentences or less

..courtesty of our man Judd.

Your favorite rpg theory in form precis, haiku to limerick.

Some tasty selections:


Why I liked The Forge:

Story Now, motherfucker!

My favorite part.


No, really, please do

talk about your character

in actual play

Tony LB's limerick:

Well we gave our GM some advice,

On how he should be treating us nice.

When we set out to do

Something stunning and new

We said "Say yes or roll the damn dice!"

And this by Tigerbunny really says it all:

Where is the fun at?

The rules should tell me clearly

And how to get there

2005-12-03 07:56:06 Ben Lehman

If I ran the Forge, all the forum descriptions would be haiku.



2005-12-03 14:23:17 Judd

Every time something good comes out of an thread I am genuinely shocked.

When Ben and Tony started doing haiku and limericks that were so cool it was a reaction to other people doing poems that had nothing to do with the premise.  Do I give up or reply with snark and try to get things back on track?  I had given up on it at that point.  Tony and Ben stole the thread back (Thanks, guys!).  It was awesome.

2005-12-03 17:26:27 Mark W

I am slightly tempted to post ONLY in verse on RPGnet from now on. Down, down, O form of Man...

2005-12-05 20:06:27 Tom

Wasn't there some RPG that had the entirety of it's text in haiku?  Wait...this sounds like something Jarred S. did.

2005-12-06 19:19:11 ricmadeira

Really cool highlights. Way to go, Judd!

Keep the great stuff coming, girls!

Ricardo @

PS - Hey, Emily & Meg, get Vince off his ass and fixing the main RSS feed. The feed doesn't validate:

I'm no expert, but I think the worst offender is the that & character in the post title 2005-11-18: A Form of Free: Pretend with Sebastian & Elliot... maybe automaticaly replacing it with the HTML code for the character would do some good, namely getting the entire feed working working again ;)

In the meantime, you could maybe change the title of the post and leave that & out of it... maybe that will be enough to keep people like us updated on Fair Game.

2005-12-08 19:42:11 Matt Wilson

Let's Play RPGs

We need another player

Scample is teh borned

(Congrats Mama and Papa B!)

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