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2009-10-22: Open Letter to the Game Industry
by Emily

A group of women has posted a living document, a letter to the gaming industry, stating their experiences and asking for awareness and dialogue. From the letter:

Dear Game Industry;

We are the women who play, write, design, create art for, and love your games. We play video games from first person shooters online to Wii Fit. We have top of the line gaming machines and old play stations we keep running with gum and shoe polish. We know every game coming out next month and we have been playing the same copy of Doctor Mario since we bought it years ago, used. We are also table top players and LARPers. We have invested thousands of dollars in collectible card games and miniatures for war simulation games. In some cases we are 40% of the market, and we are 50% of the population.

Despite all that, there are times when many of us feel neglected or forgotten.

The blog encourages participation by women gamers. They ask for uplifting stories of women in the industry. And they also ask for the hard stuff. Things that went wrong, or that show the challenges we have yet to face.

This is 100% inspiring. Go check it out! Participate!

A Letter to the Game Industry

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