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2009-06-09: Brainstormer
by Emily

Looking for a quick idea for a game or campaign? Spin something up with Andrew Bosley's:


(link via Story Game's current stuff to watch this month thread)

2009-06-09 14:52:51 Meguey

That's cool! I just spun up three things I could see playing:

Sacrifice for love - decay - pirates

Odd couple - collapse - bowling alley

Invention - overgrown - samurai

2009-06-09 15:16:02 Emily

I like the first one best, Meg. Though the second one sounds like a great, real world story for a game. And the third, like a steampunk Japanese monster-movie. hee!

It's like spinergy, but with a plot! :)

I got these:

Deliverance - Wild West - explorer

Revolt - Robotic - forest animals

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