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2005-10-01: Meg's entry
by Meguey

So, after much thought and pondering, Emily and I are starting this blog-thing. As the title implies, a whole lot of ground can expect to be covered.

Things it's probably safe to bet on seeing sooner or later: game development, rants and questions about gaming and gender, rants and questions about gaming and sex, stuff about ritual and gaming, society and gaming, society in general, sex and/or gender in general, our pet peeves and projects, random bits about trees and quilts, stuff on tattoos, stuff on government, stuff on religion and belief, stuff on communication and relationships, stuff on kids and farms and building things, various food recipes and reports, links to lots of friends and funky thigns we like.

Everything else is possible, too, but that gives you an idea of where we might go first. We'll probably make an effort to be clear who is posting what, so you can follow which of us is talking. Comments will of course be welcome,(except when we choose not to, ha Ha!) and if there's anything you want us to give our views on, we're probably open to that too.

I suppose there should be some sort of an introductory "who we are" bit, but I'm not gonna write it now.

2005-09-29 14:55:55 Emily Care

Woo-hoo! It's a party!

I'm psyched to work on a theory blog with you, Meg & am looking forward to the wide assortment of other related (or not) topics we'll come up with.

We do need some graphics, though. Lessee what we've got...

2005-10-02 10:16:44 Yay!


2005-10-02 17:01:17 Chris

Very cool, I'm bookmarking this right now! :)

2005-10-03 19:54:00 anon.

Wow, bookmarked and everything! I guess that makes us official, Em. We better start writing stuff.

2005-10-04 18:50:54 Jonas Karlsson

Cool! I look forward to reading your thoughts on roleplaying and related stuff. It's good not to limit yourselves from the start, of course, but I just wanted you to know you'll have an RPG interested reader here. Best of luck!

I think I'll hold of bookmarking you until I know that you won't talk exclusively about tattoos and farms, though. (^_^)

2005-10-04 22:22:11 Meguey

Nah, that'd be boring to me, too.

2005-10-04 23:31:59 ScottM

If it's not too much effort, I suspect you'll want to change the address for "Penny for your thoughts" and the complete index of entries. Perhaps a seperate email link for each contributer?

2005-10-04 23:40:20 Meguey

Yep, the rest of the face-lift from the code mercilessly stolen from 'anyway' will be fixed ASAP. Probably even before any new front-page posts.

2005-10-05 02:39:47 Mo

Hey there, glad to see you've got a common space. I'm linking you from Sin Aethetics, if that's OK (If not, just let me know and I'll snip). I'll be visiting! :)

2005-10-05 11:09:11 Tobias

Following. Hope you like doing it. :)

2005-10-05 11:31:12 Meguey

Hey, Mo! Good to see you!

2005-10-06 13:08:27 Ben Lehman

Nice URL.

2005-10-06 20:33:54 Ben Lehman

FYI, "first unread comment" seems to be b0rken.



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