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2008-02-15: Black and Green on the radar
by Emily

Wow. There have been a lot of hits for me and my games on the intarnets this week. There was a great review of Shooting the Moon on

Ryan Macklin posted an interview of me on his podcast show Master Plan on Thursday, February 14th. He asked me questions about being the designer of romance games, in honor of the holiday. That was a fun interview. Ryan, thanks for following through on it.

And today, Kevin Chase, who got to play in my first playtest of my jeep form version Under my Skin at Dreamation, wrote about it on his blog. He really captures the game.

It must be February!

2008-02-15 22:45:17 Paul Czege

You're missing Michael Erb's posting of the reviews of Shooting the Moon and Breaking the Ice that he did for Graffiti:


2008-02-16 15:52:05 Julia

Emily, I loved this game. I really want to sit down with you and talk about it sometime.  It was one of the high notes of GenCon, and I hope you continue working on it.

Do you have a working table top version? Have you considered not having a table top version?

2008-02-16 19:48:51 Emily

Thanks, Paul! Linkinated:

Michael Erb's Review for Graffiti

And awesome, Julia. I really want to talk with you about it. That was a wonderful session at Dreamation. Looks like the game I'll run at Intercon H in a couple weeks will have very different issues. (possibly running for poly-identified larpers!)

I plan on there being two versions of Under my Skin, though they live one worked so well that I can imagine not needing to finish the other. But there is so much to learn here!  The games so far overlap in the overall premise and the set up only. The rules needed for table top are so completely different. It's a crazy design challenge, but I think I'm going to learn a lot about the different kinds of play from doing this.

2008-02-20 16:16:50 Emily


Breaking the Ice was reviewed in Knights of the Dinner Table in Feb.  They now have an indie game review column. They also reviewed The Shadow of Yesterday, and last month they reviewed Best Friends.

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