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2008-01-07: Dreamation Games
by Emily

Happy 2008!!!

The first gaming event of the new year is coming up: Dreamation 2008, held at the Hilton Woodbridge in Iselin, NJ.  The western Mass contingent is turning out for it, and there promises to be the expected (or better!) lot of great indie gaming to be had.  Go check out the Indie Game Explosion games being run:

IGE Dreamation 2008

Guaranteed, a metric ton of gaming fun per person!

2008-01-07 23:24:41 Meguey

No, that'd be ridickledockle for me.

2008-01-07 23:34:00 Scott

You are evil with your cruel taunting—I hope you have a great convention.

2008-01-09 16:02:32 chris_moore

I just made up my "day-Dreamation" schedule...if I were able to attend.  Some day!! Have tons of fun.

2008-01-07 22:43:20 Emily

I've got to change one of your times, Meg. Not midnight for you!

2008-01-07 18:54:17 Emily

Now who can resist a game called "Food Holes: Eat Your Way Out of the Gutter"?  Go Remi!

2008-01-07 20:36:51 Meguey

I'm really looking forward to this ^_^

2008-01-20 04:40:51 Emily

I wish we could all be there. :(

For those who can come, the codes for the games are on the IGE page now, too. Point me to errors if you see them.

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