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2007-03-19: Sign up for Games on Demand at GenCon 07
by Emily

Hey there,

Kat and Michael Miller are organizing the Games on Demand at GenCon this year once again. It established a space where indie games were run scheduled games or on a drop in basis. Last year was an experiment and it was tremendously successful. Games ran at all hours, many people brought people over who had demoed a game and "wanted more". It was a great spillover from the Forge Booth area for demoing.

I scheduled a session of Breaking the Ice through GoD last year, and got a full table of 8 people that I had never met before who played the game. We do so much one on one outreach at GenCon it is great to have a way to easily get onto the main program and catch the attention of some more of those thousands of people at the Con. Especially for games like Breaking the Ice or Steal Away Jordan, something different will catch peoples' eye.

There is a thread at Story Games for sign up to staff and with info on contacting Kat about running games. They make it easy to get involved, go check it out:

Games on Demand at GenCon

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